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This is the editing view of your website: add, drag and drop your objects (images, videos, text boxes, gifs, etc.). You can start using it as soon as you make your first SECTION.


You can copy (clone) your finished site and translate it in a language you wish (available only for PRO and SHOP plans). You can publish or hide it, if necessary. There is no limitations how many parallel sites you can create.


This is the backbone and starting point of your website. Here you add sections of your site:

  • background video: Add a video in background by embedding a code
  • is published?: You choose whether you want to publish or hide a section (this is important when some of your content is under construction)
  • clone: Copy selected section

If you plan to have the same design for several sections, finish one sections and clone rest of them afterwards.


If you plan to add ecommerce feature, here you can find general settings for this (available only for MESSY template and SHOP plan).

  • inventory: Manage your stock and see your product reservations
  • regional costs: Enter VAT and shipping costs
  • settings: Set currency, your address, contact details, PayPal API, shopping cart image and text formatting


  • template: Edit your template type
  • text: Edit site title, page description and your name
  • navigation: Choose how your menu is displayed
  • page layout: Choose favicon and grid settings for the designing mode
  • media: Set size of your images
  • entry layout: Format your lightbox (pop-up of images)
  • banners: Upload up to 10 logos that appear in the bottom of the page
  • social media buttons: Write or paste a script for social media buttons
  • language: Choose your interface language
  • other settings: Activate Google Analytics or add your JavaScript code

template design

  • general font settings: Edit your font, color and size. You can use any of Google fonts.
  • background: Edit background color or add your background image
  • page layout: Edit placement of objects and activate responsive design
  • entry heading: Edit font, color and size of an entry
  • entry layout: Edit gallery type, spacing and tagging
  • page heading: Edit page heading and add your logo
  • main menu: Edit font, color, text size and decoration of your menu
  • submenu: Edit font, color, text size, placement and decoration of your submenu
  • hyperlinks: Edit color and decoration of your hyperlinks
  • thumbnails: Option to create thumbnails from selected images
  • custom CSS: Add your custom CSS code to your web


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature enables your site in Google search. Enter each section title, keywords and description that best describes its content.


This is general information of a user's account.

  • deal: Activate special offers
  • user settings: Change your password, if needed
  • dashboard: Here are user settings for each site: Change the plan of your site; activate/deactivate recurring payment; (Un)hide your site from search engines; Transfer your site to another user
  • DNS manager: Manage your domain


A support platform where you can find answers to specific questions in Knowledge base, Public Discussions or contact the team.

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