Embedding mp3 audio file.

Here you will find the needed information for embedding your mp3 file on to your Berta page.

  1. Upload mp3 files to your Google Drive. (In your web browser, for example, Google Chrome, log into your Google Drive account, at the top left, click "New" and then "File Upload", and choose the file you want to upload.)

  2. Share the mp3 file and get the Google Drive Sharing URL. ( For how to share the mp3 file and get the Google Drive sharing URL, please view this tutorial: How to get Google Drive sharing URL )

  3. Convert the Google Drive Sharing URL to Google Drive Direct Link. ( Convert the Google Drive sharing URL to its Google Drive direct link using the online tool: Google Drive Direct URL Generator. )

  4. Then create a new entry, click "edit HTML source" button on the text editor, paste this code with your direct link in it -
    <audio controls> <source src="[your direct mp3 link here]" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio>
    Press "update" and then the "save" button in the editor.

  5. That's it! Your file now is directly embedded into your Berta. Enjoy! :)

Note! Some people use Dropbox or Onedrive services for their file hosting. If you're one of them, here's a small tutorial on how to get downloadable/direct link.

Dropbox. Unlike Google drive & Onedrive, you can create direct URLs for folders too. 1. Login to Dropbox.
2. Hover over the file you want to share directly and click 'Share' and then click on 'Copy link...'
3. Use the link copied to create a download link.

Onedrive. 1. Right-click the file, for which you want to create download URL, then select share.
2. Then, click on 'Get a link'.
3. Under 'Choose an option' select 'Public'.
4. Click on 'Create link'.
Now, you will be given a link. Use that to create a direct link.

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