How to add and format text?

Basic steps to add and format your text in an entry.

Step 1: Choose your general font settings: Design > General font settings

• Font color • Customize font with Google web fonts (choose from here • Select font size, weight, style, variant • Line height defines spacing above and below a line


Step 2: Create a new entry: create a new entry. Text can be added under image gallery or separately.

Step 3: Click on a description and add your text either in a text box below the text editor or in a Word plug-in.


Step 4: Customize your text formatting

With the text editor, it is possible to customize your text – it works similarly as Microsoft Word. Select a word, phrase or paragraph, and edit. Expand your toolbar for more formatting options (see image below):


Step 5: Add a link to a text


Step 6: Customize text entry width


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