How to insert an image?

Basic steps to add an image or a gallery to your website.

Step 1: Setting image sizes

There are three different sizes of an image: large, medium and small. You go to settings > media to set maximum height and width of each image size.


Step 2: Create a new entry: create a new entry.

Step 3: Click on a gallery and add a media(s) to an entry.


Step 4: Maximum image size

The maximum images size is 2000px in height and width:
• resize your image in your favorite image editor or online here; • crop your images in after uploading.



Step 5:

Choose your gallery type (a layout of images):
• slideshow – automatic play of your gallery, if autoplay seconds are larger than 0; • row – shows all images in one row • column – shows all images in one column • pile – orders all images in one pile • link – on an image there is activated a hyperlink


Step 6: Select or deselect fullscreen – an option that image pops-up in a full view, if clicked.


Step 7: Choose a size of your image: large, medium or small.


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