How to add social media buttons

To add a social media buttons on Berta site you need to get HTML and Javascript code snippets provided by social media sites.
The best way to get all social media buttons together is to use ShareThis button code generators or similar services.
Follow the onscreen instruction and you will get the generated code.

Here is the instruction for ShareThis service:
1) go to and at first step choose "Website" option, it's already selected by default.
2) at the second step choose the layout of buttons you want
3) at the third step select services/buttons you need for your site and click "FINISH: get the Code" button.
4) you can skip creating a service account by pressing "no thanks..." link at the top of the popup window.
5) here it is - code for social media buttons.

You need to place this generated code in your Berta website:
1) login to your site engine and select "settings" from top menu and then "Social media buttons" tab.
2) in "HTML code" field paste the generated HTML code, example:

<span class='st_facebook' displayText='Facebook'></span>
<span class='st_twitter' displayText='Tweet'></span>
<span class='st_pinterest' displayText='Pinterest'></span>
3) in "Javascript code" filed paste the generated javascript code, it starts with <script> and ends with </script>, example:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">stLight.options({publisher: "abc-123456789"});</script>
Don't copy this code but your generated code!
4) From "Location" field specify where do you want your buttons to show.

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