Set up a fullscreen video background (video)

Step 1

Choose the Messy template from the drop-down in Settings / Template


Step 2

Add sections to your site in Sections / Create a new section


Step 3

Open a Vimeo video link and click the "Share" button


Step 4

Go for "Show options" button


Step 5

Tick "Autoplay this video" and "Loop this video" to launch video automatically for your site and make it loop


Step 6

Copy the embed code above


Step 7

Paste the embed code into your site in Sections / Details / Background video (embed)


Step 8

Your video can fill all the window or keep its ratio. To make the choice, go Sections / Details / Background video ratio. By both choices, your video will be responsive and will continue its playback.


Step 9

Go to your Berta site and check out the result!

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