Messy is our most flexible template. All elements are draggable and they gonna stay where you left them. It gives you the freedom to keep elements anywhere on the screen or organize them in columns or any other system.

Messy template superpowers:

  • all objects (images, gifs, videos, texts etc.) can be placed wherever you want them to be in your page

  • extraordinary menu placement and formatting

  • the ability to fully customize the layout on the desktop and keep a mobile-friendly version on other devices

  • the Grid layout - entries are organized in columns keeping the website responsive at all times

  • embed video, contact forms, or other widgets

  • background gallery features

  • possibility to create a shop*

  • only with our hosting. For more info, see plans & pricing

What is it for?

100% freedom of design for those, who want to create an original, non-standard portfolio, webpage or an attractive online store. Create whatever you want!

Designers, artists, architects, photographers and many more use this template.

Here are some good samples with Happy website built with this template:

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