The White template is simple and clean. The only difference from the default template is position of menu — it is located on the left side instead of top.

White template super powers:

  • very simple and clear, easy to work with

  • “menu” is automaticly ready and placed on the left side of the page. No need to bother yourself!

  • can add a background image

  • new entry placement below, above or in the middle of an existing entry

What is it for?

The fastest and easiest method to create your webpage.

Just name the menus, add your logo, enter the content and your page is ready!

Used by each and everyone who needs a simple and good-looking website.

Some good samples of this template use:

Fashion brand: http://www.carmengonzalez.berta.me/

Photography: http://chescolopez.com/

Collage of nursing: http://bstcollegeofnursing.com