This template has a sidebar on the left, but the strongest point is possibility to make mash-up sections (go to Sections tab and change the type to mash-up). Now you have the ability to mark any entry and it gonna show the entry in the mash-up section. Useful if you want to showcase your selected works on the first page for example.

Mashup template super powers:

  • overview at home page from all marked images*

  • ready to use menu and logo

  • new entry placement below, above or in the middle of an existing entry

  • possible to form your landing page with invisible menu

  • can add a background image

*flexible resizing of the marked images

What is it for?

Most commonly used for portfolio.

Designers, photographers and many more use this template.

Here are some good samples with Happy website built with this template:

Sample site built with mash-up:

Online portfolio:

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