What's the difference between the hosted and downloaded Berta.me app?

With our hosting you'll get a bonuses as:
1. Secure Hosting - websites are hosted in a secure cloud.
2. Updates - we are constantly improving Berta CMS.
3. Support - visit our support platform http://support.berta.me, search knowledge base or ask a question to our support team!
4. Friendly plans & pricing - http://www.berta.me/plans-pricing/#.Ucr18fkqySo
5. Shop plugin - available only with our hosting!
6. No manual installation.
7. Backup for all websites.

Downloaded Berta:
1. Updates are up to you. Download newest files from Github or our website.
2. No Shop plugin.
3. Limited support.
Berta's files are on Github – download them if you want to host berta on your own servers.
Files in hosted (on our servers) and downloaded berta are the same except in downloaded berta file htaccess is disabled by default. This file is responsible for SEO friendly links and access directly to other folders on your server.
Read more about it here: http://support.berta.me/kb/seo-and-metrics/how-to-make-seo-friendly...

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