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We can help to install/update Berta for 30 EUR per site on your server.
We do customisations, 30 EUR/h.

We can also provide web development service by our team approved designers.
Please contact us to

For steps for successful web design process:

  1. Specification
    Before Berta team can prepare a cost estimate for the client website creation, we need a Specification of the site structure and content, as the costs depend heavily on the number of different layouts that need to be designed.

  2. Design and development
    After the Specification is filed, identity materials and sample content is received, the chosen designer will start work on the web design sketches. This will take at least 1-2 weeks as it involves not only the style design, but also development of the structure to fit user needs. The sketches can be presented either in person or viewed via internet, a personal meeting is always more efficient. After the sketches are approved the final layouts with real content are designed, website development can be started. The length of the design process will depend on the speed of decision-making and the ability to provide content and might take up to a month or even more.

  3. Development
    Once sketches are approved the process of website development can begin, however, it can be started only once the final designs with real content are approved.
    Once the website is finished with real sample content provided for the design, team organises a training for the client representatives of how to use the After the training, the client's team can add content and afterwards maintain the website up to date. If new content needs to be added after the site has been finished, this will be done for additional charge according to the agreed hourly rate.

  4. Testing and launch
    After all the content is added, the site has to be tested properly and then it can be launched. The additional steps for launch are: hosting of the website and domain name registration. Happy launching!

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