How to make a section?

Step 1: Add your section(s)

Sections are all your different pages on your website (showed or hidden in a menu). Go to sections in the top bar of the editor and create new section.


Step 2: Choose your section type

• Default • External link – a section works as a link to some other page • Thumbnails enabled – a section appears as thumbnails of all images in a section • Portfolio – a section opens a particular subsection, showing other subsections on the bottom of a page • Shop – a section for items with a shop option • Shopping cart – a section works as a shopping cart for online shop checkout


Step 3: Publish or hide from the main menu

You may hide your section from the main menu if you select NO (the
covered eye icon)


Step 4: Clone a section

If you need a section with the same design, you copy it with the "copy" option.


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