How to format a main menu?

The choice of main menu location and submenus is very important for entire layout of the website.

Step 1: Choose position of your main menu

- HORIZONTAL - templates: messy or default

- VERTICAL - templates: messy, white or mashup

To choose your template go to design > template

Step 2: Decide if you will have a submenu

Opened submenu is possible for all templates, but hidden submenu (opens when main menu item is chosen) is possible only for default and messy with enabled responsive design

Step 3: Font formatting of a menu

Menu and submenu can be formatted differently from the rest of the content; font, font size, line height, colour and decoration. Go to design > main menu.


Step 4: Formatting of a submenu

Go to design > submenu. In similar fashion you customise submenu formatting. In addition, it is possible to define indent vertically or horizontally with Position X and Position Y. If you want to close your submenu, select No next to "Submenu is always open". If you hide your submenu, it is not visible for public.


Step 5: Formatting menu layout

Go to design > page layout. If responsive layout selected, main menu collapses in mobile view. Menu items can be aligned to the left or centred in responsive layout. You may customise spacing around each menu item.