Create index page with the help of Mashup feature (video)

Create an index page (or table of contents) for your website with the help of our Mashup feature.

Step 1 Create new section and define it as "Mash-up". You can define mashup entries to appear by starting with the first marked entry. Or you can switch to random order and define how many entries will appear in mashup section. E.g., if you set random order and limit the number of entries to 2, then on mashup section only 2 entries will appear but all in random order from all of the entries you have marked.

Step 2 Go to sections you want to be featured on mashup section. In each section mark 1 entry to be a featured entry for that particular section. You can mark any kind of entries (text, image, video).

Step 3 Go to mashup section and arrange the mashup entries to any position you like.

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